The idea of FBCI emerged with the aim of providing  the platform to many bloggers, home chef, who are often deprived of their due recognition. Like as we noticed that food bloggers from North India in mainstream food blogging industry were not getting desired exposure with no platform for those (food bloggers as well as home-chefs) who got amazing talent of cooking / blogging / reviewing but never get noticed.

FBCI was founded on 16th Nov 2015 with a vision to create a platform for not only for Food Bloggers (though even Food Blogging is our priority) but for everyone who have passion for food. We've started with North India and never imagined that within a year we will cross the boundaries and will reach not only Pan India but also abroad. Right now FBCI is the largest food bloggers network in India spread over 45 cities in India and 9 locations abroad with our free registered and paid member food bloggers.

FBCI is currently aiming towards collaborations and encouraging affiliations which can give food bloggers professional and financial boost.

FBCI will also provide the opportunity to food bloggers to share their reviews and recipes directly to our official website.



Chef Shailendra S. Jaggi


Founder - Food Bloggers Council, India

Chef (Member of ICF & WACS), Culinary Trainer,

Independent Food Writer & Critic at HappyEating by ssj

Director at Grain & Froth Food and Micro-Brewery Consultant


Anshu Wadhwa Pande


Co-founder - Food Bloggers Council, India

Lawyer turned Food Blogger at The Secret Ingredient, Culinary Trainer, 

Founder & Co-Owner - The Gourmet Shop

Brand Owner of The Secret Oven